A fire can be devastating, whether it happens to a major historic treasure or to ones own home. At Plaster Restorations we recognise the importance of putting the building back together sympathetically, to a state and condition the property was in prior to the damage occurring. Original materials and working methods can be utilised in order to achieve this result. We also understand the need to work efficiently and with the least fuss so that the building or domestic property can be re-commissioned as expediently as possible under the circumstances.


This listed Mansion House was devastated with a fire, which started within a first floor bedroom and spread.

The Fire incinerated everything it touched within the bedroom

From the bedroom the fires heat and flames spread into the first floor landing and passageway area, blistering paint and eating into the moulded plasterwork. We quickly set about carefully removing the paint from the walls and ceiling, while picking-out, repairing and re-carving the enrichments to the cornice, mouldings and archway. This work to the landing, passageway and second bedroom was continually on-going through-out the project under our tight site programme.

Moulded plasterwork attacked by the fire to the first floor landing and passageway area

We took sections of the charred remains from the bedroom cornice, ceiling rose, dado and panel mouldings in order to make new moulds. However we soon realised that in each case, the enrichments were so badly petrified, that all would have to be re-modelled from scratch. Again the manufacture was on-going through-out the project under our tight site programme.

Petrified enrichments to all the casts and mouldings

After all the fire damaged plasterwork was stripped-out from the bedroom and first fixings were in, the replacement could begin. We used traditional sand / lime / horsehair & wooden lath materials forming quirks, working up to new wooden staff beads.

Meanwhile manufacture was underway of the new fibrous plaster casts and mouldings.

Plaster models run-up with enrichments hand carved from apple wood bedded into position

Plaster models were run-up to the exact profiles of the originals. Then enrichments which were hand carved from apple wood were bedded into position for the dado and panel moulding. Other enrichments were hand modelled from clay for the cornice and ceiling rose.

Plaster models run-up with enrichments hand modelled from clay

The models were then cased and poured in rubber. After de-moulding, casts were taken in fibrous plaster and fixed on site, working to the original layout.

Case mould ready to be used to take fibrous plaster casts

We completed our works to the project, well within our three month programme. This included the paint stripping and re-carving, sand / lime / horsehair with wooden laths, re-modelling and manufacture. The results were amazing with such sharpness of moulded enrichments and reproduction of original plasterwork. This transformed the areas of devastation into works of art and perfect beauty.

The finished result

Plaster Restorations are committed to the preservation of historic landmarks. We view each building and conservation task as a unique milestone achieved, for our company and for our commitment to the preservation of landmarks worldwide.


Other projects completed using riven oak laths with sand / putty lime & horsehair or fibrous plaster include:

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We can provide surveys and budgets to your properties. Plaster Restorations believe that through our skill and expertise, we can offer a great many benefits to our clients to enhance a future working relationship. We would welcome the opportunity of visiting your offices, projects or homes with a view of discussing our systems in more detail.